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Kids LightBox : Tennis

A perfect gift for a kid or a newborn baby, boy or girl, ideal for christening, christmas, nameday, birthday and any other occasion you may think.

The kid's name is written on the box, that makes it a unique present.

Can give a smooth, dimmed light all night in the bedroom. Many options for the color of the light available. Can be placed on the bedside table, on a wall or anywhere you want to, use your imagination :)

Made from lazer cut plywood, painted with clear odorless varnish, equipped with colored led strip to glow at night and power supply included.

Suggested colour for girls: purple, for boys: blue. 

It's a custom made build so we will need a couple of days to make it, also check shipping time.

Kids LightBox : Tennis

  • Made from laser cut plywood with thickness 9mm and 4mm.

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